HR Strategic Focus Area – HR Strategy and Operations Administration

HR Strategic and Operational Excellence

The increasingly competitive HR landscape is rapidly changing and becoming more complex.

As a result, we will ensure that our strategic plan is the core foundation of our HR operation. We will address the need for enhanced and more frequent communications, and we will monitor our compliance with UNC System policies and guidelines as well as state and federal HR regulations. We will implement HR quality-control measures and best practices to mitigate risks and pursue excellence as a division.

Strategic Initiatives and Progress

Not Started Not Started In Progress In Progress Completed Completed

HR Strategic Planning

Completed Implement the organizational structure recommendations outlined in the 2018 HR assessment study.
Completed Develop and conduct a universitywide rollout of the HR strategic plan.
Completed In collaboration with University Communications, commence the development of a cohesive and integrated HR communications and rebranding strategy for UHR.
Completed Develop a visual employee life cycle model framework.

Not Started Not Started In Progress In Progress Completed Completed

HR Policies and Administration

In Progress In collaboration with the Office of General Counsel, develop and implement a comprehensive three-year rotating schedule for HR policy/regulation review and HR form updates.
In Progress Enhance the university’s additional compensation policy to include system configuration, process enhancements and user training.
In Progress Develop/revise standard operating procedures for all university HR units.

HR Program Review

Not Started Annually conduct HR compliance program review to assess the effectiveness of HR’s compliance-related programs and activities, identify areas for improvement and develop action plans to address areas requiring improvement.