Employee Engagement Survey

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Pride and Resilience

Chancellor Randy Woodson

For the second time in two years, we asked NC State faculty and staff to participate in a survey to help us understand how we can create a better working environment for everyone at this extraordinary institution. As in 2018, participation exceeded our expectations, with 57% of employees taking the survey this year.

When we all took the 2020 UNC System Employee Engagement Survey in February, we had no idea how dramatically our lives would change just a few weeks later due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As I review the survey results today, I see clear evidence of the pride and resilience that have carried us through this difficult year. An incredible 84% of employees say they are proud to be part of NC State, and 89% say they understand how their work relates to the mission of this institution.

I’m so pleased that 84% agree that NC State works to provide a safe and secure campus environment. That commitment to safety was put into action over the summer as hundreds of faculty and staff worked to prepare campus for the fall semester. When we faced a spike in COVID-19 cases among students just weeks into the semester, we proved that commitment beyond a doubt by putting the safety of the Wolfpack community first.

I’m proud that you gave NC State high marks for our community involvement, our teaching environment, the dedication of our management team and the opportunities we provide for professional development and work/life balance. I’m delighted to see that many of the steps we’ve taken across the university in response to the 2018 survey are making a difference.

In fact, we saw a significant jump in the percentage who agree that NC State’s institutional planning efforts involve faculty and staff in meaningful ways.

But I’m also glad you had the courage to identify the areas where we need to do better —communication, fairness, and benefits and compensation. I pledge to do all I can to achieve our strategic goal of continuous improvement.

I know you will, too. Go Pack!

Randy Woodson


Thanks for Speaking Up

I want to thank everyone who participated in the 2020 UNC System Employee Engagement Survey over the past few weeks. This important initiative is helping us embrace a culture of continuous improvement here at NC State and across the UNC System. I appreciate your honest and thoughtful input.

I am particularly pleased that participation increased by 3 percentage points this year, giving us an overall response rate of 57%. We’ll compare this year’s responses with the baseline from the 2018 survey to measure our progress in improving the employee experience at NC State. We’ll be able to see where our engagement efforts are succeeding, and where we need to do better.

What Happens Next?

ModernThink, the company that administered the survey, will compile the data over the next few months and provide results in May for review by the UNC System Office, the UNC Board of Governors and senior leadership here at NC State. Then we’ll begin the process of sharing the data with the campus community.

Thank you.

Marie Williams
Associate Vice Chancellor
University Human Resources

Between Feb. 4 and Feb. 18, NC State faculty and staff will have the opportunity to participate in the UNC System Employee Engagement Survey for the second time. The last time we took the survey, in January 2018, we had a high response rate at NC State, which helped us identify areas where employee satisfaction is high as well as areas where we need to do better.

I encourage you to participate in this year’s survey so we can continue our efforts to build and maintain a culture of continuous improvement.

The UNC system has again engaged ModernThink, an independent management consulting firm, to administer the survey. ModernThink will send you an email with a link to the survey on Tuesday, Feb. 4. Please watch for this email.

You will be able to access the survey from any computer or mobile device, and will be given time to complete the survey during your regular working hours. You will not be required to use lunch time, break time or leave time to complete the survey.

The survey should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete and is due by Feb. 18. If you don’t complete the survey in one sitting, you will be able to save your progress and return to it later. Be assured that the survey is voluntary and completely confidential.

If you have general questions about the survey initiative, contact Marie Williams, associate vice chancellor for human resources, at mywillia@ncsu.edu. For technical issues, contact Dr. Nancy Whelchel, director for survey research, at nancy_whelchel@ncsu.edu.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important initiative.

Randy Woodson

I’m pleased that 54 percent of NC State faculty and staff participated in the 2018 UNC System Employee Engagement Survey, exceeding the 50-percent participation goal set by the system. Your thoughtful and candid input will help us create a culture of continuous improvement here at NC State and within the larger UNC System.

The survey is part of a five-year strategic plan initiative that involves all 17 UNC System institutions. Here at NC State, the results of the survey were overwhelmingly positive. NC State faculty and staff understand how their work contributes to the mission of this extraordinary university, and they are universally proud to be members of the Wolfpack family.

The survey highlighted many employee engagement areas in which we are strong but also showed areas where we can improve. And we will.

I have asked Marie Williams, associate vice chancellor for human resources, and Nancy Whelchel, director for survey research, to work with an interdisciplinary team of faculty and staff from across campus to review the survey data and develop a high-level action plan to help us build on our strengths and address our challenges. In addition, vice chancellors and deans have been asked to review the results and develop action plans for their respective units.

I invite you to become familiar with this website and visit often to learn more about these efforts. With your involvement, we can create and support the best possible working environment at NC State.

Thank you.

Randy Woodson