HR Strategic Focus Area – HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics

Measures for HR Success

A critical part of our HR transformation journey involves building a more robust HR data analytics structure to assist campus partners in making data-driven HR decisions and to measure our success in accomplishing the goals outlined in both the university’s strategic plan and this planning document.

Strategic Initiatives and Progress

Not Started Not Started In Progress In Progress Completed Completed

In Progress Develop baseline dashboard metrics and workforce analytics for UHR (annually thereafter).
In Progress Conduct a strategic data-driven assessment and reporting of HR’s transformation progress and accomplishments (quarterly and annually thereafter).
Completed Develop a UHR annual performance report for FY 18-19 (annually thereafter).
In Progress Re-evaluate and enhance HR dashboard metrics and workforce analytics data, and create an online dashboard.
In Progress Develop baseline HR dashboard metrics for the university’s Office of Finance and Administration online dashboard.