Flexible Work at NC State

NC State remains committed to delivering world-class educational programs and services while providing opportunities to foster work-life balance for our employees when possible. At NC State, we’ve established flexible work options that are designed to meet the employee and/or business unit’s operational needs in this ever-changing, globally influenced, educational environment. A flexible work arrangements regulation has been instituted to align units’ business and operational needs with employee interest in alternative work locations and flexible work schedules. Our program enables units to manage their business needs while offering employees who work diligently to meet those needs some flexibility related to their work schedules, hours and locations.

NC State also has certain positions designated to conduct 100% of their university business from a remote work location. These assignments which are designated by the manager and senior leadership, not employee requests, are more specialized and unique to the program or service being provided to the university.

This page provides information, resources, and tools on these flexible work programs. If you have additional questions regarding flexible work at NC State, please contact University Human Resources at hrcommunications@ncsu.edu.

Flexible Work Arrangements

NC State has established a regulation that allows flexible work arrangements. Flexible work arrangements are working options that involve adjustments to an employee’s work schedule, hours, and/or work site to effectively accomplish the duties and responsibilities in the employee’s position.

The purpose of the regulation, which went into effect Oct. 1, 2021, is for supervisors to consider various work scheduling options and alternative work locations that align with the operational, business and customer service needs of their units as well as the personal and/or professional scheduling interests of the employee.

Remote Work Location

NC State has established a regulation that allows for remote work locations. This regulation, which went into effect March 1, 2022, applies to employees with a primary or permanently assigned duty station that is 100% remote and are not expected to work on university property. This regulation is distinguished from the Flexible Work Arrangements regulation because this regulation covers positions that are not assigned to an on-site duty station, while the Flexible Work Arrangements regulation applies to employees who have an on-site duty station but may occasionally perform work from an alternate work location. The decision to approve a Remote Work Location for a position must be based on the position’s duties and responsibilities, not by an employee’s preference or desire to work remotely.