As part of University Human Resources’ ongoing efforts to continually improve the service we provide to the NC State community, we are proud to announce the soft launch of HRNow, an online portal employees can use to request HR services, search for HR-related information and submit questions to UHR. 

We created HRNow to serve as the go-to place for information about HR resources, services, procedures and programs. Here are some of the portal’s features:

  • Case management. Employees can use HRNow to submit questions to UHR and request UHR services. 
  • Search. The front page of HRNow has a prominently featured search bar, so you can quickly locate the information you’re trying to find.
  • Knowledge base. Currently, the HR website houses policies, FAQs, how-to guides and information about our programs and services. We are now working to put most of that information into an easy-to-use searchable knowledge base on HRNow.
  • Virtual agent. HRNow includes a virtual agent that can help employees with benefit-related questions.

We’re preparing HRNow for a universitywide launch later this year, but we would love for you to use the portal’s features during our soft launch and let us know what you think. Keep in mind that we’re still adding information to HRNow, so you might not be able to find everything you search for at this time.

Please use the link below to visit HRNow. If you have any questions or feedback please send them to Your comments will help us prepare HRNow for its official release, make future improvements and ensure the portal is user-friendly. We’ll notify you via email about the official release of HRNow.

Visit HRNow