UHR Strategic Plan

HR Strategic PlanUHR Strategic Plan, 2018-2021

University Human Resources (UHR) is excited about the journey we are embarking on in our pursuit of new HR possibilities at NC State. As the HR division for a pre-eminent public research University with more than 9,000 faculty and staff, we understand the importance of organizational transformation. To ensure alignment with the university’s mission, vision, values and strategic goals, this HR strategic plan provides the road map guiding the next stage of our transformation at NC State.

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HR Strategic Focus Areas and Strategic Priorities

UHR has five new HR strategic focus areas that are designed to intentionally and proactively address the challenges identified in our 2018 HR assessment. These HR strategic focus areas constitute the pillars of our new business model, and they will serve as the road map that will direct the transformational journey of the HR operation at NC State over the next three-plus years. Each focus area is also linked to a corresponding strategic priority.

Keeping you updated about our transformational journey

Throughout the three years covered by our strategic plan, we will provide updates about our progress.  Click on each of the strategic focus areas to see the progress and updates. In addition, we will provide periodic updates via the following communication methods:

  • Project updates on the HR website and articles in the UHR newsletter
  • Quarterly and annual reports to UHR team members, HR campus partners and HR Connections advisory groups
  • Periodic and annual reporting to the Chancellor’s Cabinet, Dean’s Council, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate and other governance committees as appropriate

We value your input, participation and feedback. Please feel free to contact us any time with ideas, suggestions and questions at hrcommunications@ncsu.edu.

We look forward to new HR thinking and the pursuit of new HR possibilities!