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At NC State, we recognize and appreciate faculty and staff for their unique contributions to our bold mission. When each employee feels cherished and acknowledged, the whole Pack benefits from high levels of employee engagement and organizational excellence. This site offers everyday tips for recognizing and appreciating our extraordinary pack and summarizes NC State’s signature recognition and appreciation programs.

Recognition Programs

Find what you're looking for in Peer to Peer Recognition, Nomination Programs, Milestone Awards, or Other Recognition Programs.

Delayed Service Awards Update:

We are diligently working to ensure service awards are distributed to recipients as soon as possible which have been delayed due to various issues. The majority of past awards from 2021 and Jan-June 2022 will continue to be delivered throughout December. With the exception of any new concerns that arise, we anticipate remaining past gift orders will be fulfilled by the end of January 2023.  We too have been frustrated by the delays and appreciate your support as we transition to an improved process. We are also proactively working with vendors to discover process improvements going forward. Honorees for July-December 2022 will receive their gift order on January 3.

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Other Recognition Programs

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Employee recognition and appreciation matters. It helps NC State retain talented employees and encourages high levels of performance, trust, and engagement. Workplace appreciation has been found to make people happier outside of work, too. With so many benefits to recognizing and appreciating others, what are you waiting for?

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