User Request Information

The university has changed the workflow in that users in PeopleAdmin will no longer be identified by title but rather by the role they serve in the approval process.  This allows for significant flexibility for each of the units across campus.  With this flexibility comes a change in the process of requesting user accounts.

Access to request new/update user accounts is restricted to certain individuals at the college/division level.  See below.

Initiator – This user type will Initiate and fill out the forms for position creation, position updating, salary adjustments, posting/recruitment, and hiring proposals.  Historically, these have been the Departmental Reps and Hiring Officials.  Basically, they will initiate actions in the system.

Approver – This user type will approve actions generated by the Initiator.  Historically, these have been at the 3D level (Dean, Director, Dept. Head).  They may approve actions for more than 1 OUC or only 1 OUC.  Similarly, there may be more than 1 approver in an OUC (i.e. Director and Dept. Head), but only one Approver is required.

AA/Fiscal Officer – This person will review and approve actions for the college/division as a whole from an Affirmative Action and/or budget standpoint.  The Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity identifies employees for this user role and HR will consult with them for verification before approving users for this role.

Non-UTS Temporary – This is a new user type.  This user type will be responsible for reviewing, approving, posting, and managing the hiring for temporary (Non-UTS) employees.  This person needs to be familiar with university policy, state laws, and federal laws that govern recruitment (ADA, ADEA, EEO/AA, NC General Statute 126, university posting requirements).  Due to the responsibility and accountability required for these users ADDITIONAL TRAINING WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ANYONE REQUESTING  THIS USER TYPE!

Department Viewer—Allows the user to login and view ALL actions, position requests, postings, applications, etc for EVERY position in the department.  This is a good option for users that might need the ability to see activity for the department but not serve as a role in the approval process.  Users can have access to multiple departments (OUCs) if needed.

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