PeopleAdmin Training Materials & Resources

This page contains training/reference resources for the PeopleAdmin system including manuals, training videos and guides, workflow diagrams, and other resources.  If you have ideas or suggestions regarding materials that would be helpful for future addition, please email email me.  New items will be added frequently.

Hands-On Training

  • PeopleAdmin 7 (HRA35)
    This is the BASIC level PeopleAdmin 7 class that will provide you with a generic overview of the interface. This basic training is great for people who have never used PeopleAdmin before and want to know more about its main functions and use at NC State. This training is not too technical and is appropriate from brand new initiators, approvers, search committee members and/or someone who wants to be introduced to PeopleAdmin.
  • PeopleAdmin 7 Tips & Tricks (HRA32)
    Do you use PeopleAdmin frequently? If so, we are offering this new hands-on, detailed training to our everyday users that will cover the functionality of the system as well as advanced techniques. This training is specifically designed for frequent users who initiate and manage many actions and use the system daily.


  • EHRA Non-Faculty Research Matrix
    This guide is designed to provide you the general guidance about the EHRA Non-Faculty Research classification, and the type of positions on campus that would generally fall within IRPS – Research citeria.
  • PeopleAdmin 7 User Guide 2.2
    This guide will take you step by step through the entire process, from entering the position description to closing out the posting. It is a great place to start if you have never used the PeopleAdmin 7 system or need to look-up how to do a certain task. Use the Table of Contents located on page 2 to quickly navigate the document and skip to desired sections.
  • Position Management Cheat Sheet
    This is a one page document designed to provide you the highlights of the Position Management Module. It is not as detailed as the User Guide, but will provide a quick “cheat sheet” style reference.
  • PA Position Management – EHRA Action & Salary Action Definitions
    This page is a list of definition to assist you with the appropriate selection of either: 1.) the type of EHRA personnel action, or 2.) the type of EHRA salary adjustment action.
  • PeopleAdmin – EHRA Actions Matrix
    This matrix was designed to serve as a quick reference tool that highlights the essential information that EPA Administration reviews for any of the following types of EHRA actions: New Positions, Salary Adjustments, Appointment Length Changes, Title Changes, SHRA-to-EHRA Conversions, Update Existing Position Descriptions, New NTT Faculty Appointments, or Visiting Appointments.
  • IRPS Criteria Guidance
    This guide is designed to provide you the general guidance about the EHRA IRPS categories (I.e. Instructional, Research, Public Service/Extension, and SAAO II), and the type of positions on campus that would generally fall within the IRPS categories.
  • Applicant Tracking Cheat Sheet
    Provides the same “cheat sheet” style reference as the Position Management Cheat Sheet but for the applicant tracking module. It is only one page and covers the highlights of the module.
  • Filling EHRA & SHRA positions in PeopleAdmin 7
    Are you tired of seeing SPA, EPA and TEMP positions in your queue that were filled months ago? If so, read this one page guide to mark those recruitments as “filled” and clean up your PeopleAdmin queue.
  • Moving Multiple Applicant Statuses in Bulk
    Are you spending an inordinate amount of time changing applicant statuses? Did you know that Initiators have the ability to move multiple applicant statuses at once? It’s easy and fast – just follow the steps on this 1 page guide.

Workflow Diagrams