Lactation Support

NC State University promotes work/life balance and supports working parents with the transition back to work following the birth of a child. This includes support of nursing mothers who wish to express breast milk periodically during the work day. In accordance with provisions of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), upon request, suitable space must be provided for employees who require lactation support.

Lactation Space

Designated lactation spaces must be private spaces that

  • Are not a restroom or unsecured common area
  • Are shielded from view
  • Can be locked and free from intrusion by others while in use
  • Provide adequate lighting, seating, and electrical outlets for pumping equipment
  • Are within reasonable walking distance of the employee’s work location
  • Are within reasonable proximity of running water

In many cases, the employee’s private office can be the designated space. If the employee’s work station does not meet the required criteria, another space must be designated, such as an unoccupied office or other private space that can be scheduled and reserved for this purpose.

You can find a list of Lactation spaces on campus on the Office for Institutional Equity & Diversity website.

An employee who wishes to make use of lactation space should contact the human resources officer for their college or division, the Office of the University Architect (515-2121) who will facilitate the designation of appropriate space and make the necessary arrangements.

Lactation Time

The employee should be afforded paid break time comparable to the paid break time afforded to similarly-situated employees for general purposes. If time is needed beyond the regularly-provided paid break times, the employing department should make reasonable efforts to allow the employee to use their accrued annual leave or take unpaid time.

Employee Responsibilities

The college/division is not required to provide refrigeration or secured storage. The employee is responsible for storage of the expressed breast milk.


For general questions and/or clarification regarding this policy, please contact the Human Resources’ Office at 919-515-7175. For questions regarding the application of this policy, please contact the Human Resources’ Office of Employee Relations at 919-515-2135.

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