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PAWS and Say Thanks is an on-the-spot, peer-to-peer recognition program that allows employees to send electronic or physical thank-you cards to outstanding colleagues throughout the university. When you notice an employee going above and beyond in performing their job duties, PAWS and Say Thanks is a quick and easy way to express how much you appreciate their hard work.


All NC State employees, including temporary and student employees, are eligible to send and receive PAWS and Say Thanks cards.


To send or receive a PAWS and Say Thanks card, you must be a NC State employee with a unity ID and email address.

Nomination Process

Electronic Cards

To send an e-card, simply click on the PAWS and Say Thanks form link below, complete the form and a card will automatically be emailed to the employee(s) you want to recognize. You can choose to send an email copy of the card to the employee’s supervisor.

PAWS and Say Thanks e-card Form

Physical Cards

To obtain a physical card, visit your college or division HR lead. Physical cards can be placed in campus mail or hand delivered.

Coordinator / Contact Information

For questions, contact or your college or division HR lead.