WolfTime is the new leave tracking and time keeping system that launched at NC State University on July 1, 2017 and is now fully operational. The WolfTime system will provide electronic timekeeping capability and replace the current web leave system. Staff and Faculty will access WolfTime through the Employee Self Service section in the MyPack Portal.

The Web-based system, which is similar to other UNC system schools, will be utilized by all SHRA and EHRA employees to manage their absence leave request. It will also be utilized by nonexempt SHRA and EHRA employees (those who have recorded time on paper timesheets) to record hours worked using a wall mounted time clock, computer, or a smart device. Each department will decide how an employee will enter time into the system. Supervisors/Managers will be able to review direct line reports time and leave submissions on a weekly basis through the “For Managers” dashboard, available on MyPack Portal.

Special Bonus Leave Now Loaded

Special Bonus Leave has been loaded into WolfTime.  Click here for more information.

View a PDF summary of the new WolfTime System for Employees View a PDF summary of the new WolfTime System for Supervisors/Managers

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Employee Webinar Sessions

The WolfTime team will host live webinars the third Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. These webinars will be used to review hot topics and allow time for Q&A. Space is limited.

Informational Videos:

User Guides for Requesting and Approving Leave

Employees in Remote Locations

If your department/unit has employees in remote locations or who travel to remote locations and they do not have access to a wall mounted time clock, computer (with internet), or a smart device (with service), then the employee may track their time using the Remote Employee WolfTime Timesheet. When an employee has access to a wall mounted clock or a computer/smart device that is able to connect to WolfTime then the employee should use these methods. All time is to be reported on a weekly basis.  This WolfTime timesheet is to be maintained in the same manner as previous timesheets.

If a department is interested in purchasing a WolfTime Wall Clock, please send an email request to Andy Naylor in HR, ranaylor@ncsu.edu