Video Resources for Returning to On-Site Work

August 4, 2020

Video Resources for Returning to On-Site Work

To help prepare our employees for a return to on-site work, University Human Resources has developed a series of video modules. A diverse array of campus collaborators contributed to the production of the videos.

The series of minimodules will address some of your most pressing questions about returning to work on-site during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can access the series of videos and a robust list of resources from the UHR Pandemic and Communicable Disease website.

For employees returning on-site over the next few weeks and months, we strongly encourage you to view the videos to help you reacclimate to working on-site and become familiar with the changes you will notice across campus and at other NC State facilities. We strongly recommend you watch the videos after you complete Environmental Health and Public Safety’s “Working Safely at NC State During COVID-19” course, a required training for all NC State employees.

UHR is here to support you through these challenging and changing times. If you have HR-related questions about returning to work, please reach out to UHR at 919-515-2135 or contact your college, division or unit HR liaison. If you have other questions related to returning to work, contact a resource on the Protect the Pack website or consult the university’s return-to-work guide. Thank you.