Change to the COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave Program

June 29, 2020

Change to the COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave Program


The purpose of this email is to make you aware of an important change to the COVID-19 paid administrative leave program and announce NC State plans to create a COVID-19 shared leave program.

Paid Administrative Leave Compensation Change for Permanent Employees

On July 1, 2020, the University of North Carolina System will reduce the compensation for paid administrative leave from two-thirds of employees’ pay to one-third of their pay. The new pay rate will apply to all qualifying reasons for paid administrative leave except elder care. Regardless of the reason for using the leave, leave-earning employees may continue to interchangeably use their accrued sick leave, annual leave, comp time and bonus leave to receive 100 percent of their pay.

Paid Administrative Leave Elder Care Exception

Employees can request paid administrative leave to provide elder care due to the closing of an elder care facility for reasons related to COVID-19. Employees who are approved to take paid administrative leave for that reason will continue to receive two-thirds of their pay for the scheduled time they are unavailable to work. The compensation rules and eligibility requirements for elder care are equivalent to those applied to child care under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

Employees may request the use of paid administrative leave for elder care for up to 12 weeks, depending on their eligibility under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Once the leave is exhausted, employees may receive paid administrative leave at one-third of their pay for scheduled hours they cannot work due to elder care.

Special COVID-19 Voluntary Shared Leave Bank

The UNC System has given the chancellors at its institutions the discretion to establish COVID-19 shared leave programs that are similar to the state’s voluntary shared leave program. Chancellor Randy Woodson has approved the establishment of a COVID-19 voluntary leave program at NC State. The university is still developing the program specifics. NC State will implement this program sometime in July and will provide more information soon.

Additional Information

As a reminder, paid administrative leave is one of two programs in which employees can request paid leave for certain reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The other program is the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. FFCRA offers two types of paid leave: emergency paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave.

University Human Resources has created some explainers, charts and FAQs to help employees understand how the paid administrative leave and the FFCRA programs work. Those resources, which are on the University Human Resources website, have been updated to help you understand the change to the paid administrative leave program that will take effect July 1. UHR also has updated this reference chart to reflect the change to the program. The complete faculty and staff work and leave provisions can be found on the University Human Resources pandemic website.

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