Ask HR – Assistance for Furlough Based Programs

Need assistance with a temporary furlough or salary reduction? University Human Resources is here to help. Please call or email our NC State Furlough Based Programs Support Call Center to speak with a human resources representative, or to schedule an appointment with a consultant. You can also attend one of our UHR Furlough Based Program Information Sessions.

NC State Furlough Based Programs Support Call Center


Call (Monday – Friday 9am to 4pm)

Information Sessions

UHR Furlough Based Program Overview and Q&A

DateTimeMeeting LinkMeeting Info
Friday, Sept 259:00am
Friday, Sept 251:00pm
Monday, Sept 289:00am
Tuesday, Sept 291:00pm
Friday, Oct 21:00pm
Tuesday, Oct 69:00am
Friday, Oct 161:00pm
Tuesday, Oct 209:00am
Friday, Oct 231:00pm
Tuesday, Oct 27
Full Furlough Only
Meeting ID: 983 8889 8251
Thursday, Oct 29
Partial Furlough Only
Meeting ID: 931 8706 0144
Tuesday, Nov 3
All Types
Meeting ID: 946 6166 9990
Friday, Nov 6
All Types
Meeting ID: 928 2135 9180