Check Your December Paycheck’s Medical Premium

Check December Paycheck

As a reminder, the State Health Plan requires advance payment of medical premiums, which means your first medical premium for 2021 will be deducted from your December paycheck.

Employees should review their December paychecks to make sure that the medical premium deducted from their checks is accurate.

To see if the deduction is accurate, compare the deducted amount on your pay stub to the confirmation statement on the benefits enrollment website. To view your confirmation statement:

  • Go to Employee Self Service in MyPack Portal.
  • Select Benefit Details and then Enroll in Benefits. From there, you’ll automatically go to the benefits website.
  • On that site, under My Documents click Confirmation Statement.

If you find a discrepancy between the premium deducted from your check and the information on your confirmation statement, contact your department-assigned benefits consultant for assistance.