Employees Can Use Community Service Leave to Work at Election Sites

Community Service Leave for Voting

NC State employees can request up to 24 hours of community service leave to work at election sites throughout the state.

Barbara Gibson, director of the Office of State Human Resources, authorized an exception to the community service leave program so state employees can use paid leave time to work as election workers.

The 24 hours that employees can use to work at polling places are part of the 80 hours of expanded community service leave that state employees received over the summer. To learn more about the community service leave options available to NC State employees, review this reference chart.

To request community service leave to work at a polling place, employees must go to WolfTime in MyPack Portal. After going to WolfTime, click Request Absence and then select COVID-19 Community Service Leave from the Absence Name dropdown menu. From the Reason dropdown menu, choose Volunteering. Your request will be sent to your supervisor for approval.

Because poll workers receive payment, you will also need to complete a secondary employment form. After you complete the form, give it to your department’s human resources representative.

For more information about using community service leave to work at an election site as well as how to become a poll worker, visit the Office of State Human Resources website.

To learn about the rules that govern political activities, read the UNC Policy Manual and Code.