After 38 Years, Farewell to a Friend, Mentor and Colleague

Corrinda WatkinsCorrinda Watkins’ colleagues at University Human Resources hoped this time would never come, but it’s finally here. After 38 years at NC State, all spent in UHR, Watkins is retiring at the end of the month. She broke the news to Marie Williams, associate vice chancellor for human resources in November. When Watkins shared her plans, it was a bittersweet moment for all in UHR. Watkins, the HR business officer and assistant to the AVC for human resources, has been a mentor to many at NC State and the ultimate professional during her career here. In honor of Watkins’ retirement, Howl You Know asked her colleagues to share some thoughts about their co-worker.


I truly appreciate your friendship and your professionalism. Go and enjoy your time away from here, but don’t forget to come back and tell us how great retirement is so we can look forward to it.
Carina Lockley
University Program Coordinator and QuickStart Program Manager


You’ve been a mentor and a friend. You have helped me in many ways over the years. I appreciate the conversations we’ve had and the friendship. You’ve been the person that we always could depend on in UHR. I’m jealous that you are retiring, but I am excited because this is a new chapter for you.
Suzy Richardson
Benefits System Manager


Corrinda, you will be greatly missed. We’ll miss your smile, your laughter and funny historical stories. We’ll miss your guiding wisdom when times are tough and your humor to lighten situations when things get a little too serious. Thank you for everything that you have done.
Todd Driver
Director of Human Resources Information Management


Corrinda, you deserve this. You have been working for a long time. I hope you can stay in your pajamas, put your feet up a little longer every day and do things that bring you joy. I know you are going to miss us and miss this place, but you will get over that pretty quickly. I hope you fill your days with things that really make you happy.
Nancy Whelchel
Director for Survey Research


I hope this is not farewell. I hope to stay in touch. I consider you a good friend, someone who has been supportive of me and a really great mentor. You are a caring person who has kept me on the right track. Thank you.
Kevin Rice
Director of Learning and Organizational Development


Corrinda, you have been a true and valued friend and co-worker for over 23 years. You truly love UHR, the UHR team and the entire NC State campus community. You embody professionalism, true commitment and passion. I miss you already. Thank you for being there for me every day.
Margot Henion
Senior Benefits Consultant


Professional, visionary, hardworking, ethical, fun-loving and caring. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of you. You go above and beyond to lift the spirits of others, lend a helping hand and share a positive or encouraging word. Thank you for your dedicated service to NC State and UHR. We wish you a wonderful, fun and relaxing retirement. For us, there will always be only one Corrinda. We’ll miss you.
Marie Williams
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources