Nominate a Staff Member for NC State’s Awards for Excellence

Awards for Excellence
2019 Awards for Excellence Winners pictured with Chancellor Randy Woodson

Colleges and business units are accepting nominations for the 2020 NC State Awards for Excellence.

The award is the most prestigious honor that a staff member can receive.

The program honors NC State staffers for accomplishments and contributions above and beyond their normal job duties. Award recipients demonstrate excellence in their departments or divisions, the campus community, the state of North Carolina or the lives of others.

NC State University goes through a two-part process to select Awards for Excellence recipients.

The first step takes place in the colleges and business units. You can nominate colleagues in one of 12 categories by visiting the Awards for Excellence page and filling out a nomination form. Information about who’s eligible to receive an award also can be found on the page.

After the nomination process ends, up to 60 winners will be named at the college and business unit level.

The second part of the process is the selection of 12 university-level Awards for Excellence winners. A committee will select those recipients from among the 60 winners. The 12 university-level recipients are also submitted for consideration for the Governor’s Awards for Excellence, which is the highest honor awarded to a state of North Carolina employee.

Click here to read about 2019’s 12 winners.

Britt Hurst, manager of the Employee Recognition and Wellness Program at NC State, said the awards program is a big deal on campus. She said some of the stories shared through the nomination process are incredible.

“We hear about the latest research at the university, but we may not necessarily hear about how one of our colleagues helped pull someone out of a burning vehicle or created a simple program saving the university thousands of dollars,” Hurst said. “Those kinds of things aren’t always widely known, but they’re very special and speak to the culture at NC State.”