Send Us Your Holiday Traditions and Recipes

Holiday Traditions and Recipes
Holiday Traditions and Recipes

When Bona Bame was a child and lived in Germany, her family celebrated St. Nicholas Day.

The day is recognized each year on Dec. 6. The night before, children leave shoes outside their bedroom doors. St. Nicholas comes by to fill the shoes with oranges, gold candy coins and small presents.

“For my family, it was something to get excited about at the beginning of the holiday season,” said Bame, a program assistant in Executive Search Services.

Holiday traditions, whether it’s baking cookies with Grandma or watching It’s a Wonderful Life with a loved one, can result in lifelong memories. We would like you to share your favorite holiday dishes and traditions with us. Here are a few favorite dishes from UHR.

We plan to publish what you send us in the December edition of Howl You Know. If you have a story to tell about your tradition or dish, we might publish that, too.

Bame still gets excited about St. Nicholas Day. Now she maintains the tradition with Traylor, her husband, and Amelia, her 19-month-old daughter.

“I have been doing it with my husband ever since we got married,” Bame said. “He always thinks it’s the best thing ever. He’s just like, ‘All right, more presents!’”

Bame said the tradition is very special for her.

“Since we lived overseas, we didn’t really do a lot of American traditions,” she said. “We never really did a big Thanksgiving celebration. This is one of those traditions that I really latched onto and wanted to continue with my family since I have such fond memories of it.”

Share your favorite holiday dishes and traditions with us