HR Spotlight: Professional Development

Learning and Organizational Development offers a slew of classes to help employees improve their skills and prepare for career advancement.

“Employees truly do want to develop themselves because they see it as a way to gain skills to help with promotions,” said Stephanie Davis, an L&OD senior consultant.

Here are five examples of professional and organizational development opportunities:

Take a Leadership Course

Leadership Advance is a new training program for managers, committee chairs, team leaders and others who want to improve their leadership skills.

The program launched earlier this month. Participants will take classes through December on a variety of subjects, including managing conflict and team decision-making.

A second Leadership Advance course will start in January and run through May.

Ask About Customized Training

If your department wants guidance in team building, strategic planning, organizing a retreat or other needs, L&OD can provide custom training.

To use this service, you must fill out a form and provide details about your department’s needs. 

Take a Personality Assessment

Discovering You Through DiSC helps participants identify behavioral tendencies.

DiSC is a behavioral assessment tool that focuses on four personality traits — Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

The purpose of the course is to help participants improve how they communicate with others and better understand themselves and the people they work with.

Enroll in Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations prepares participants to handle high-stakes, emotional conversations.

“These conversations — when handled poorly or ignored — lead to strained relationships and dismal results,” according to a description of the class.

Crucial Conversations teaches participants to speak persuasively, foster teamwork, build acceptance and resolve disagreements.

Log into Linkedin Learning

Linkedin Learning, formerly known as, is an online video platform that offers beginner to advanced tutorials on an array of subjects, ranging from photography to how to use Excel.

Linkedin Learning is available free of charge to NC State employees.