New HRIM and Payroll Process for new 9-month faculty

9-month faculty (T/TT and NTT) for the Fall semesters

Human Resources Information Management (HRIM) will now approve hiring actions for new 9 month T/TT and NTT faculty who start in the fall as they are received and will no longer hold the hiring action approval until after the July payroll lockout.

Benefits of New Process:

  • HR Partners may enter hire actions for employees who have a July 1st effective date and an August 16th contract date when the department has them finalized
  • HR Partners supporting the hiring departments will not need to enter a “No Pay” action for the employee (unless the employee needs systems access earlier than July 1).
  • The unity ID will be available the morning after the hire action is approved by HRIM.
  • The Onboarding emails will be sent to the new employee (and their supervisor/initiator) the day after the hire action is approved. The Onboarding Center can meet with employees on or after July 1st.
  • The new employee’s campus email will be available to them the day after the hire action is approved and departments can share that information with the new employees at the time they best deem appropriate.
  • Direct deposit, tax forms, and ID cards will be made available to the employee on July 1st
More Information on the Project (pdf)