Updated UNC System ORP Forms

Effective April 1, 2019, the UNC System Office has updated the UNC ORP forms to reflect accurately the Plan’s guidelines. The ORP-1 Form, the election and forfeiture agreement form, eliminates the use of SSNs and no longer allows participants the option of splitting their employee and employer ORP contributions between the two approved plan vendors; newly enrolling participants must choose one ORP vendor with which to participate. (Existing ORP participants with split vendor elections may continue contributing to both ORP vendors.)

The ORP-3 Form, the plan election form, reflects more choices for participants who are ending employment. Every ORP participant who ends employment should complete this form and submit it to the Benefits Office.

If you have printed forms for use in your office, please recycle those forms and use the forms from the applicable web pages.

As a reminder, below are the web pages where these forms are located:

If you have questions regarding the forms or would like to discuss, feel free to contact your department-assigned Benefits Consultant.