2018 Special Bonus Leave Change

You are receiving this email because you were eligible to receive special bonus leave in 2018. If you did not receive 2018 special bonus leave, this information will not apply to you.

On Jan. 22, 2019 the UNC System Office sent all system institutions a Technical Correction from the North Carolina General Assembly regarding 2018 Special Bonus Leave. Instead of the use of 2018 Special Bonus Leave reducing an employee’s annual leave hours (leave off-setting), they will get the Special Bonus Leave time back. In effect, it will be as if they had used annual leave in the first place.

Important points to remember:

  • This technical correction for Special Bonus Leave does not affect employee leave balances as of 12/31/2018 or the 2018 leave certification process. Therefore, employees can still complete their 2018 leave certification as scheduled.
  • The WolfTime team is currently updating the system to put this change into action for the 2018 rollover.
  • If this change affected your 2018 rollover balances there will be an adjustment made to your 2018 Special Bonus leave once the system update has been made.
  • Current sick leave balances and annual leave balances are not affected by this technical correction.
  • 2018 Special Bonus Leave is eligible to transfer to other state agencies.
  • If you were directly affected by this change in the 2018/2019 rollover process you will receive a separate email confirming the amount of your adjustment.

The chart below lists an example of how the change impacts employees this year and each year thereafter. OSHR also provided SBL Examples.

Leave Type12/31/2018 BalanceOld 1/1/2019
Balance Based on the Prior Special Bonus Leave (SBL) Policy
New 1/1/2019 Balance based on the General Assembly Technical Correction for SBL
Annual320 hours240 hours
Previous Annual Leave balance minus the maximum 240 hours to roll over into the new year = 80 hours of excess annual leave

80 hours of excess annual leave is administered as follows: 10 hours subtracted because of SBL usage; the remaining 70 hours is rolled over to sick leave
240 hours
Of 80 hours of excess annual leave, 10 hours added back to 2018 SBL balance; the remaining 70 hours is rolled over to sick leave
Sick100 hours170 hours (100 hours + 70 hours of excess annual leave)170 hours
2018 Special Bonus Leave30 hours (used 10 hours)30 hours (40 hours of SBL awarded in 2018 - 10 hours of SBL used in 2018)40 hours
40 hours awarded minus 10 hours used plus 10 hours of annual leave converted to SBL

Employee Tips

These are suggestions only:

  • If you expect to end a calendar year with more than 240 hours of annual leave, we suggest that you not use 2018 Special Bonus Leave for that year. If you do not expect to exceed the 240-hour annual leave threshold at the end of a year, then using your 2018 SBL will not be affected by the SBL policy during that year.
  • We suggest that you use 2018 SBL during the year of separation or retirement.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact us at wolftime-ncsu@ncsu.edu.