Check. Change. Control®

NC State Human Resources has partnered with the North Carolina State Health Plan and the American Heart Association to offer NC State Staff and Faculty Check. Change. Control®, a free evidence-based blood pressure monitoring program. The purpose of this program is to eliminate high blood pressure as a health disparity among Americans and help achieve the goal of improving cardiovascular health and reduce cardiovascular mortality.

Check. Change. Control® is a four month long blood pressure motoring program beginning Friday, February 2nd through Friday, June 1st.

This program will help staff and faculty:

  •  Check for and monitor high blood pressure
  •  Learn about lifestyle changes and preventative measures to reduce/prevent high blood pressure
  •  Help to connect with a health care provider

This program uses an online tracker, provides educational materials and messaging directly from the American Heart Association, and optional mobile alerts to keep participants motivated and on track.

Sign Up:

  • Visit and click Create an account
  • Use the NC State Campaign Code: SHP 03
  • Add NC State Benefits as your program volunteer by entering our unique code: 7A4B2A9014D4 in the search for volunteers tab
  • Participants who enter a blood pressure reading at least once each month will be entered into monthly drawings for prizes.

Why is this important?

In the United States, high blood pressure accounts for the second most heart disease and stroke deaths among preventable causes… second only to smoking. Nearly one-third of all deaths in North Carolina can be attributed to cardiovascular disease and stroke. Eliminating high blood pressure (hypertension) could reduce cardiovascular deaths by more than one-third among U.S. adults.

  • Healthy behaviors help prevent high blood pressure, and it makes a big difference.
    • At age 50, people with normal blood pressure have a life expectancy five years longer than those with high blood pressure.
    • At age 30, someone with hypertension (high blood pressure) is nearly 20% more likely to develop heart disease or stroke.
    • Under the new blood pressure guidelines, nearly half of U.S. adults (45.6%) have hypertension.

Blood Pressure Stations are available in the Human Resources Office in the Admin Services II Building. Staff and Faculty are welcome to stop by during normal business hours (7:30 AM -5:00 PM, Mon-Fri) to check their blood pressure for the duration of the Check. Change. Control® program.