Leading Change at All Levels

The traditional change model is top-down. This restricts the range of ideas. Distributed-leadership organizations encourage ideas from people at all levels. The emphasis is on agility, innovation, and speed — sensing and seizing opportunities quickly.  In this video, Deborah Ancona, Director of the MIT Leadership Center at MIT Sloan School of Management presents a new model to lead change in your department.

Ideas for Action

  • Talk to employees in all levels of your department to find out if they feel like they have the power or ability to bring about change.
  • Set simple rules regarding what ideas, processes, or strategies the company is looking for.
  • Call an “all hands” meeting and ask employees to bring their ideas.
  • Develop ways for employees to share and act on ideas quickly in your department.

Questions to Ask

  • How is change currently enacted at your department?
  • Have you ever had a great new idea, but couldn’t get buy-in from the top? What happened to your idea?
  • What risks is a department taking on by facilitating change from all levels?
  • Which organizations are famous for their ability to lead change at any level?