Setting Goals in Four Dimensions

In this video, Allison Rimm discuss setting goals to create life balance.  Write down your priorities for the short, medium, and long terms in four major categories: your career, your relationships and family, your role in the community, and as caretaker of your mind, body, and spirit. Review and re-balance the priorities periodically.

After viewing the video, answer a “Question to Ask” and select an “Idea for Action” to incorporate into your routine this week.

Ideas for Action

  • Start by setting long-term goals in each of these four areas: vocation, relationships, community involvement, and personal care taking.
  • Consider what steps you need to take to reach your long-term goals and make room for them in your short-term plans.
  • Keep your short-term planning very short. Plan for a maximum of one week ahead at a time.
  • Take into account how your circumstances might change and affect your medium- and long-term planning.

Questions to Ask

  • Have you reached the goals you set for yourself in the past?
  • How do the four areas of vocation, relationships, community involvement, and personal care taking work together?
  • Do you enjoy short-, medium-, or long-term planning most? Why?
  • How does goal setting influence your work-life balance?