Connect Vision to Action

Only about 30 percent of change efforts succeed. To beat those odds, increase productivity five-fold by ensuring that employees are at their peak. This occurs when the basics of project management are present, execution is high, and people have a sense of meaning.  In this video, Scott Keller will discuss what takes people from vision to action to accomplish new goals.  After viewing the video, review the ideas for action and questions to ask to connect vision to action.


Ideas for Action

  • Think about a time when you were working at your peak level. Write down a list of adjectives that describe that experience.
  • Ask your employees to tell you about their best or favorite jobs. Listen for key words that they have in common.
  • As a team, discuss what is important to you. Find out what gives your team its sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Set up the ways and means for your team that will create a peak experience. Connect the vision of what you want to accomplish with the actions to make it happen.

Questions to Ask

  • How do you feel when you are at your peak performance? Are you relaxed or driven, excited or calm?
  • Why do you think change management usually fails?
  • What could your company accomplish if just 20% more of the company was five times more productive?
  • Which are you naturally better at, vision or action? How can you improve connecting the two?