Current Appropriations Act of 2017 (FY 2017-18 State Budget)

Human Resources Related Items

  • Reporting and Consultation on Certain Salary and Position Actions:
    Special provisions implemented for (1) salary adjustments when the employee’s June 30, 2017 or current total proposed annual compensation is $100,000 or greater and the proposed salary adjustment is 5% or greater than the employee’s June 30, 2017 total annual compensation, and (2) the creation of new positions where the associated salary budget is $70,000 or greater. Read More >>
  • EHRA Annual Raise Process (ARP):
    There is no across-the-board or automatic legislative increase for EHRA employees for FY 2017-18. Instead, an ARP capped at 4.99% of the employee’s June 30, 2017 base salary will be conducted on campus based primarily on merit and retention with labor market and equity being secondary criteria. Read More >>
  • SHRA Legislative Increase:
    The annual salaries in effect June 30, 2017 for eligible SHRA employees were increased by $1,000 (pro-rated for eligible part-time employees) effective July 1, 2017. Read More >>
  • Special Bonus Leave:
    All leave earning employees (SHRA and EHRA) will receive three days of special bonus leave (pro-rated for eligible part-time employees) effective July 1, 2017. Read More >>
  • EHRA Status for Certain Professional IT Positions:
    EHRA status has been expanded to include certain SHRA IT professional positions that are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Employees in identified positions will be given the option to remain SHRA or convert to EHRA. Implementation guidance from the UNC-System Office is anticipated in the fall. Read More >>