UHR Annual Report

Annual Report 2020-21UHR Annual Report, FY 2020-21

The purpose of this annual report is to keep our promise to update you on the progress of our transformational journey. We published the goals for our journey in our 2018-21 strategic plan. This report covers our accomplishments during the 2020-21 fiscal year and UHR’s continued response to the challenges of COVID-19. Our strategic plan consists of five focus areas. In this report, you’ll read about how UHR has collaborated with campus partners to achieve goals in those areas.

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Inside the 2020-21 UHR Annual Report

Meet UHR
NC State at a Glance Talent Management Life Cycle
HR Strategic Focus Areas and Highlights
HR Strategy and Operations Administration
People and Culture HR Continuous Improvement
Professional Development and Training HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics
Responsive, Proactive and Innovative: Our Continued Response to COVID-19
Campus HR Partners and Senates/Committees
UHR FY 2020-21 Strategic Initiatives and Progress


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